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Below are some of our accomplishments in the electricity and electronic sectors:


BCTC - Upper Harrisson Terminal

(March 2009) North of Harrisson Lake, near the community of Port Douglas, British Columbia. Project carried out for the British Columbia Transmission Corporation. Supply of a 360-kV line control and production building, including the design and construction of the building, the manufacturing and incorporation of control panels as well as electrical work on the building.

Construction and electrical work was carried out with Électricité Grimard and Construction Grimard.

Hydro-Québec - Toulnustouc

(2003 to 2005) Intake gate and spillway.

(2002 to 2005) Grounding work during the concreting of the power plant and related work.

Laval metro

(2005-2006) Extension of the metro to Laval. Line traction equipment.

ÉLECTRICITÉ GRIMARD: Power supply and installation of line traction equipment.

AUTOMATISATION GRIMARD: Supply of disjunction cabinets and 750-VDC traction equipment.

Montréal Metro

(2008-2009) Supply and installation of 750-VDC disjunction cabinets and related panels for Line 1 West.

ÉLECTRICITÉ GRIMARD: Installation of 650 VDC disjunction cabinets and related panels in 9 substations.

AUTOMATISATION GRIMARD: Design and fabrication of the equipments for the 9 substations, i.e., disjunction cabinets, alarm and automation supervision systems, auxiliary service panels, transformer/rectifier group alarm management panels and communications network.

Ministry of the Environment

(2002) Refection of the Portage des Roches-Pibrac spillway.

Port of Montréal

Access control to the Cast and Racine terminals (2007)
Rehabilitation of the access controls to the Port of Montréal.

SEBJ, James Bay

Rupert spillway (2008-2009)

Chissibi station
Work on control building (2007-2008)

Louis-H. Lafontaine Tunnel

(2005-2006) Integration of the tunnel control and data acquisition system.

Ville-Marie Tunnel

(2007) Upgrading of the lane control system.

Ministry of Transportation

(2002) Lighting of Highway 170 and the St-Paul interchange

Aluminium welding

Installation et soudate de barres omnibus en aluminium pour Rio-Tinto, usine Alma
Poste Montagnais Soudage de jeux de barres aluminium

Dans un poste d’Hydro-Québec, faire le soudage de plusieurs ensembles de jeux de barres en aluminium servant au transport d’électricité à haute tension.


  • Préparation des jeux de barres pour le soudage
  • Soudage d’aluminium
  • Préchauffage et suivi de température stricte pour le soudage
  • Support technique pour l’installation


Usine Pilote AP60, Rio-Tinto-Alcan


Conveyor inspection

Inspection of alumina conveyors.

Inspection system

Design and production of the inspection system (controlled inspection vehicle (CIV): submersible camera, waterproof camera for conduits measuring a minimum of 2 in. in diameter.

Backup cameras

Design, fabrication, maintenance and installation of backup cameras for the alumina tank conveyor and lift equipment.

Forestry equipment

Customized fabrication of harness cables for forestry equipment.

Bridge cranes

Design, fabrication and repair of bridge crane remote controls and accessories (cables).

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