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HYDRO-QUÉBEC, supply of control panels and generator protection

(2000-2011) Supply of protection and control panels for most hydroelectric power plants in Quebec including Beauharnois, Chute-Allard, des Cèdres, Grand-Mère, La Grande-2-A, La Grande-3, La Grande-4, La Sarcelle, Outarde-3, Péribonka, Rapide des Cœurs, Robert-Bourassa et Toulnustouc.

ABB, supply of low-voltage electrical distribution apparatuses as part of the addition of two Static Var Compensators (SVC) at the Chénier substation

(July, 2011) Chénier substation, near Montréal. Supply of low-voltage electrical distribution apparatuses within the SVC building, with two MetalGear metal-enclosed switchgear including bus duct link between them, five front accessible automatic transfer switch MetalGear-WS and nine switchboards for DC and AC auxiliary distribution.

Scope of work included switchgear design, manufacturing, transfer scheme operational testing, supply of installation, operating and maintenance manuals, field supervision and training of substation operators.

HYDRO-QUÉBEC, supply of Medium-Voltage Generator Terminal Enclosures (GTE)

(August 2011) Beauharnois power plant. Supply of 4 13.8 kV/3000 A metal-clad Generator Terminal Enclosures. The equipment includes three separate phase generator input cells including a busbar compartment with motorized isolating switch, a withdrawable voltage transformer compartment and a cable compartment to feed generator excitation.

Equipment also includes a cell for current measurement on generator neutral side outputs and another one for neutral grounding with a transformer and a power resistor.

The scope of work included the design and manufacturing of the equipment, functionality testing, installation, operating and maintenance manuals, on-site assistance and supply of accessories including lifting beams and lifting rudders tailored to install the cabinet on the alternator manhole.

BCTC - Upper Harrisson Terminal

(March 2009) North of Harrisson Lake, near the community of Port Douglas, British Columbia. Project carried out for the British Columbia Transmission Corporation. Supply of a 360-kV line control and production building, including the design and construction of the building, the manufacturing and incorporation of control panels as well as electrical work on the building.

Construction and electrical work was carried out with Électricité Grimard and Construction Grimard.

CAB for Hydro- Québec, Joly station

(2009) Joly station, near the village of Labelle, Québec. Construction of a compact automation building (CAB) to protect and control high-voltage lines, including supply, building construction, fabrication and incorporation of control panels, installation of telecommunications equipment, electrical work on the building as well as design and carrying-out of functional tests. Automatisation Grimard managed the project, supplied the material and produced the panels.

Supply of permutation cabinets and CCMs for the Paugan plant

(September 2009) Paugan hydroelectric plant, Outaouais. Design, fabrication, testing, maintenance and training guides for two main distribution centres: supply energy (600 volts, triphase) to the site’s secondary distribution centres.

Design, fabrication, testing, maintenance and training guides for three secondary distribution centres, provide all related motor control centres (MCCs) designed to supply energy to the MCC distribution cells, using one of the two sources connected to the DC cabinet via two breakers. A permutation logic makes it possible to transfer the supply from one source to the other should the voltage drop.

HYDRO-QUÉBEC, Supply of arc-resistant medium-voltage paralleling switchgear for diesel generators

(August 2010) Kuujjuaq power plant, Northern Quebec. Supply of 12 arc-resistant type 2BC medium-voltage paralleling switchgears. The equipment includes 3 incoming cells, 5 DG cells, 2 bus-tie cells and 2 auxiliary measurement cells. Each cell includes an oversized low voltage compartment and combines protection, metering, control and switching elements acting as an integrated system to control the distribution of power to the grid. Also, each main bus compartment contains a disconnect switch with visible cutoff point to isolate a generator from the bus for maintenance purposes.

MONTRÉAL METRO (STM) Supply of disjunction equipment

(September 2008-June 2009, one substation per month) Montréal. Line 1 West, green line. Complete design and production of the equipment of 9 electrical substations providing power to Line 1 West. Equipment including 750-DCV disjunction cabinets, alarm supervision and substation automation systems, auxiliary service panels, transformer/rectifier alarm management panels and communication network.

Technical support during the installation, equipment implementation, training of network operators.

Rehabilitation of the protection of 500-kV lines

(September 2002-December 2006) British Columbia. Design, fabrication and testing of 500-kV line primary and relief protection, including the supply and adjustment of digital protection relays, fabrication of protection panels, laboratory simulations of network adjustments, functional shop testing.

Project management, the supply of production material supply and the manufacturing of the panels were carried out by Automatisation Grimard inc.

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