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Here are a few of our accomplishments by activity sector:


Elkem Métal Canada

Elkem Métal Canada (2008) Saguenay
Ladle maintenance building.


La Grande 2 (2005) James Bay.
Residence. Outer siding.

La Grande 2 (2007) James Bay.
Compressor building no. 12N including all systems.

Chissibi LG3 station (2007) Hydro-Québec.
Rehabilitation of roofs, exterior sidings and various architectural work, before and after.

Jonquière station (2006) Phase 1.
Civil engineering, electrical and control work, for rebuilding the 25kv.

Abitibi station (2006) James Bay.
Compressor building.

Tilly LG4 station (2005)
Construction of a service building.

Bersimis 1 plant (2005) North Shore.
Rehabilitation of interior finishes, supply and installation of wrought metal and related work.


Ville de Saguenay

Ville de Saguenay (2006) Chicoutimi
Repair of the parking lot on Hôtel-Dieu street.


Excellence Nissan

Excellence Nissan (2008) Construction of a new building.

Gravel & fils

Gravel & fils (2003) Saguenay, Chicoutimi Construction


Grimard (2006) Laval Construction of a new building.

L?Étape rest area

L’Étape rest area (2005-2006) Laurentides Wildlife Reserve
Construction of a new building.

LVM Technisol

LVM Technisol - (2008) Saguenay Expansion.


Nolicam-Budget (2007) Chicoutimi Construction of a new building.

Pompelac et Eau

Pompelac et Eau (2007) Saguenay
Construction of a new building with a glue laminated structural wood structure.

Saguenay Volkswagen

Saguenay Volkswagen (2008) Chicoutimi Expansion.


Sécur (2007) Saguenay


Soudogaz (2005) Saguenay
Radiant heating and new place of business.


Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal (2006) Saguenay
Carré Davis branch. Architectural work, heritage building.

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